Overall crappy experince.
Kevin, as a General Manager, has a terrible attitude. I dropped off my bike to get a leak on the bottom checked, and locate the source of rattling on the right side of the bike. they couldn't fix a specific part of the pipe so I took it to Twisted Grip Cycles who does welding, and could fix the piece at little cost. Before leaving the dealership I loaded my bike onto a trailer and noticed some piece lodged into my rear tire which was not there when I dropped off the bike. I notified the woman at the service desk that day who I believe was Rachel, who then got a tech named keegan to inspect the tire along with her. After taking pictures of the bike, tire, and license plate. I left the dealership, and later called to see what could be done about fixing the tire. I spoke with Damian who stated I would need to talk to a manager about the possible options of resolution. Damian tried to locate the manager who was not immediately around, I asked if I could speak to the general manager if he was around, because I was trying to resolve this issue ASAP. I left a message for Kevin, who returned my call roughly a few days later. after explaining the situation to Kevin, he hit me with I don't even know why you're talking to me and not the service manger about this Kevin didn't seem to give even 1/8ths of a rats ass that my bike had picked up something while it was dropped off with his store. He went on to allege that the service employees stated to him that the bike didn't show up with something in the tire and didn't leave with anything in it, even though his employees witnessed it and had pictures of it in the parking lot with something stuck in the tire. After basically implying that I'm a liar, Kevin then suggested that I go halfway on the price of a tire and I assume install as well. I explained to him that I wasn't trying to go in halfway on the tire since the damaged happened after it was dropped off. But aside from that, the only reason this review gets a 5 star is because of Emma, she did her best to communicate with me and keep me updated on the bike, She is very personable and customer oriented. Damian was also very helpful and prompt in returning my calls or answering any questions. Since this experience I will not be bringing my bike back to this location ever again. Kevin you suck bro, I hope they hire better management in the near future, and more Emmas and Damians. (Employee: Kevin Horton)
Zach Hunte
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